Upholstery Cleaning in Coeur d’Alene, ID

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Upholstery CleaningWhen you have old, dingy furniture, it can be tempting to toss it to the curb or try to clean it yourself with an over the counter product or some “miracle” cleaner you saw on tv. But there’s no need to do any of those things when all you have to do is call the couch and recliner cleaning experts at K & K Cleaning, LLC. When it comes to upholstery cleaning, including sofas, recliners, and other furniture, we’re the best in the business for homes in Coeur d’Alene, Hayden, Huetter, and Fernan Lake Village, ID.

K & K Cleaning, LLC isn’t a chain. We’re family owned and operated. Just as we do with our carpet and tile cleaning, we can take our time and make sure your couches and chairs are cleaned correctly, are stain free and odor free, and look like new without any corporate offices telling us to hurry up. We aren’t satisfied until your couches and recliners are truly spotless and you are also happy with the results. We won’t just clean your furniture, we’ll give you good old fashioned friendly customer service too.

When K & K Cleaning, LLC come to your home, our certified, professional technicians will make sure to give your couches and recliners their undivided attention. Some of the services you can expect include:

  • We’ll consult with you to let you know if your upholstery needs any extra attention beyond a regular cleaning, like special stain or pet odor removal.

  • A guaranteed premium upholstery cleaning, whether it’s a basic cleaning or a deep cleaning with extra treatments. In fact, if you don’t think it’s clean, we’ll clean it again for no additional charge. If you’re still not happy, we’ll give you your money back.

  • If needed we can renew any upholstery protection that has worn off to help lengthen the time needed between cleanings and to help your sofas and chairs resist stains.

  • The promise that we won’t say it’s done until you tell us it’s done.

  • Kind, friendly, and caring customer service.

So don’t throw your old couches and recliners away and don’t fall for gimmicks or corporate chains that won’t give your furniture the care it deserves. Call K & K Cleaning, LLC to schedule a sofa cleaning appointment today.

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