5 Reasons Your Carpet May Be Dying A Slow Death!

5 Reasons Your Carpet May Be Dying A Slow Death!

April 15, 2016

1 – Looks Aren’t Everything.

Modern carpeting is a technological marvel. It is designed to hide dirt and boy, does it do a good job! You can pour a pound of potting soil in one square foot of a quality nylon carpet, rub it in, an IT WILL DISAPPEAR! That means all of the junk (dander, fumes, pollutants, germs, bacteria, fleas, etc.) that comes into your house ends up safely hidden in your carpet! YUCK!

2- Dirt, Sand, and Grit are Killing it!

What would happen if you rubbed sandpaper all over that beautiful clear coat paint on your car…. what a disaster that would be! Well, each day I pull pounds of gritty soil out of the base of people’s carpets. It’s in yours too! And this gritty soil works on your carpet just like sandpaper: it scratches the carpet fibers and dulls its appearance. This is the #1 cause of wear.

3 – The “I Can Do-It-Myself” Mentality:

Look, I’m all for saving a buck…I really am! But there was a good reason I invested $45,000 in my carpet cleaning truck: It’s one of the most thorough, industrial cleaning systems available on the market today for professional carpet cleaning.

The little cleaning machines that are available to rent or buy just aren’t powerful enough to provide the same quality of cleaning.

Here’s why:

  • The water just doesn’t get hot enough.
  • The vacuum leaves behind a ton of water in your carpet.
  • The detergents they sell leave a RESIDUE that attracts soil very quickly.

Rental and home machines are great for emergencies: a hot water tank leaks; you have a big, bad spill; etc…. If you do have to use one, though, we suggest using very hot water only, or cutting the detergent dilution in half.

However, if you want to thoroughly clean your carpet- getting all that deep down dirt lying hidden at the base of your carpet fibers- then nothing can match the power of our industrial truck-mounted carpet cleaning system.

4 – Your Carpet Warranty: Are You Working Without A Net?

Here’s what happens if:

  • You wait to long to clean your carpet
  • You think you can do it yourself

YOU VOID YOUR WARRANTY! If you have any kind of problem with your carpet, you’re on your own and the safety of your warranty is gone. The manufacturer won’t even talk to you without proof that you have had it professionally cleaned at least one time per year (they recommend more often if you have kids or pets).

5 – Traffic Lane Trouble:

The longer you wait to clean your carpet, the more soil becomes permanent. It locks onto the fibers, and through a process called “oxidation”, the soil bonds with the carpet , permanently attaching to it. You can tell when this happens because the carpet color changes. If you wait too long, you’ve thrown away the key to unlock the dirt and oily pollutants in the traffic lanes

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